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Hi, I'm Katy! Just another girl residing on Van Island. 18 years young. Feminist. I love marijuana, Lush, Star Wars and art and cats. Feel free to message me! Also I track the tag : psychecybin



I picked a lot of garden things today
Wake’n’bake outside this morning 💨

Asphalt-RoseArtist: Nicola PrageraLocation: Mannheim, Germany

Graffiti smoke shop Moosup, CT

Hey Ninja and Trouble,
This site has become a weekly part of my life. Not in submitting but in discovering and appreciating the ways other people are celebrating sexuality. 
Before this camping trip, I had never been naked in broad daylight outside. It is such a freeing feeling and the setting of our campsite just made me feel so small and my nudity so unimportant. I am loving the ways in which I am growing as a person because of the ways I am free to express my sexuality, and documenting moments like this with my man is extra special. 

That’s a really great perspective to have when it comes to most issues, the more we focus on things that are bigger than us the more our bodies seem insignificant and we can appreciate them because they are our own. I’m happy to read NN has become a part of your weekly life and thanks for being a part of it.